Funeral and Memorials……..

Funeral & Memorial  Videography – Photography


Three minute excerpt from a local memorial service :

To See a Larger Picture → CLICK HERE←


We are finding more and more members of the immediate family are interested in this service.

There are several reasons.  First, most of the close family sees this time as a complete blur.  The family members hear and appreciate the message, comments and testimonies give by friends and loved ones during the service, but those positive statements are seldom remembered after the service.  Also, for most families this is a time of family gathering seldom seen during any other time of the year.

tom1 by you.

We will very discreetly video the complete service or any part of the service.  We can also take group photos of the family.

Memorial photoshow packages begin at $100.  Video production of the service  using two cameras begins at $200.  Please contact us for details

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